What are eligibility requirements?

In order to participate in Go Forth Carolina! Speech and Debate Club, a student must be home schooled under the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education.  

How old does my child need to be?

Go Forth Carolina! is currently offering the following Speech and Debate activities:

Varsity Speech  - 12-18 yrs old

Team Policy Debate - 12-18 yrs old

How much time will it take? 

Speech and debate does require a time commitment greater than that of a typical school subject.  Students are expected to attend weekly club meetings to receive instruction, direction, and to practice their developing skills.  In addition, the students will be investing time outside of club researching and preparing their speeches and cases/briefs for debate. Although the amount of time invested is up to the students, as in most aspects of life, results are directly proportional to the time invested (quality and quantity).  In the case of debate and the team speech events, it’s a good practice to discuss commitment levels between partners and families to ensure expectations are aligned.

Is parent participation required?

Yes! Parent participation is required! In all homeschooling endeavors, parent participation is critical to success – the same is true with speech and debate.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged to attend club meetings, but during tournaments parent involvement is crucial.  Many judges are needed for debate and speech tournaments, and parents are very well-qualified for this role (yes, we will train you how to judge).  

When and where do you meet?


Pillar Church

10 East Drive

Jacksonville, NC 28546

Mondays beginning September 13, 2021 (click "Calendar" tab for all dates) 

Speech: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Apologetics: 2:30-3:30

Team Policy Debate: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Does my child have to do both Speech AND Debate?

No.  Although many students benefit from and enjoy doing both, Speech and Debate are separate activities; thus, students can choose to do one or the other or preferably BOTH. 

Is there a cost? 

Yes, there is a cost. 

For ALL Families 

  • Affiliation with Stoa is required for National Tournament 

  • Tournament registration fees vary anywhere from $10-$25. 

  • Travel expenses and hotel accomodations associated with tournaments. 

  • Professional attire for students (suit and tie for boys, skirt suit (knee length) or pant suit for girls) 

  • Love offering for Pillar church 

For Speech Families  (ages 12-18)

  • Resource Notebook for Speech students - approximately $10-$15 purchased from club 

For Team Policy Families (ages 12-18)

  • Monument Members Subscription for Team Policy Students - $99

    • This is the source material needed for successful competition in our league.  Please click HERE to navigate to Monument Members. 

  • Plenty of ink and printing paper for case writing and negative briefs

What about my younger children?
Younger siblings are always welcome at club.  There will be designated places where siblings can study, read, play games, or do electronics in a quiet and courteous manner.  



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